Total Health & Wellbeing at the touch of a button

Our groundbreaking Personal Support Programme (PSP) sets a new benchmark for essential health and wellbeing services for SMEs, the self-employed and their families.

All easily accessible on an easy to use app.

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per family,
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A Health Service - like you've never seen before

Quick, instant 24/7 access via our mobile app

You can speak to a GP, book an appointment with a therapist and get advice from legal and financial experts at the touch of a button.

360 Wellbeing Mobile App
360 Wellbeing Features

24/7 GP Helpline

30-minute appointments available as and when you need to speak to a GP - 24/7

Mental Health Support

Instant access to our team of accredited therapists are here to support you when times get tough. Includes up to 6 sessions.

Legal Guidance

Remove the worry from domestic and work disputes with professional advice from our legal team.

Debt Support

Expert support and guidance on all things debt and finance related, giving you peace of mind.

Support for Carers

If you're looking after a loved one at home, our team of qualified experts are here to support you every step of the way.

Exclusive Discounts

Save hundreds of £ every year with everyday savings on high street brands inc. travel, shopping, entertainment and eating out.

+ Many More Features

Additional features include E-learning and immediate access to qualified brain and spine specialists should the need arise.

24/7 Health & Wellbeing - now available for Everyone

Previously only available for employees of large corporates or those of us with private medical insurance, 360 Wellbeing's Personal Support Programme (PSP) makes health and wellbeing services available for everyone at a fraction of the cost.

cover for the
whole family

Affordable for All

Affordable for All

At just £36 per person, per annum, the PSP offers incredible value for money.

Easy to use App

All of the PSP's services are easily accessible via the 360 Wellbeing PSP App. Simply download from the App Store.

+ Family Cover

With the PSP, you're not only covering you and your employees but their families too.

No lower limits

Unlike other support programmes, there's no minimum number of employees. If you have just 1 employee, you pay for 1 licence.

Pricing - how it works

360 Wellbeing's Personal Support Programme (PSP) simple, flat, pricing makes health and wellbeing support affordable for everyone. Perfect for individuals, SMEs and growing businesses.

No minimum
order - prices
start from just
1 licence

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Individual, Sole Trader or SME

1 - 100 people
£3.50 per person,
per month
(Minimum of 12 monthly payments)

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1 - 100 people
£36 per person,
per year

Buy your licences today and get immediate access to our PSP

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More than 100 people?

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Right across the UK, hundreds of companies, big and small, are enjoying the benefits of 360 Wellbeing's Personal Support Programme (PSP). Get started today and enjoy the peace of mind that we've got you covered.

“360 Wellbeing's PSP is a fantastic all encompassing support service for our employees. It is great for our employees to know that 24/7, confidential support is there for them, especially as our Company works around the clock. We are proud to work with 360 Wellbeing and would highly recommend their professional service.”

Lydia Ingham, People Advisor and Reward Co-Ordinator, Newfield Limited

“We'd looked into private healthcare schemes previously but the costs were too high. 360 Wellbeing's PSP gives us the best of both worlds - comprehensive health and wellbeing support for the team at a price point we can afford.”

Michael Sullivan, Director, Forty6Design

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360 Wellbeing Limited is a health and wellbeing business that provides a wealth of services to individuals, SMEs and corporate businesses.

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