Mental Health Consultation

It does not necessarily have to cost you a fortune to implement low-level initiatives or strategies to raise awareness of workplace mental health. However, at the very least, it is highly recommended that you have a conversation with a specialist.

In-house Mental Health Wellbeing

In-house opportunity for employees to get the support they might need to cope with issues such as stress, anxiety or depression. We also have our very own in-house Counsellor in Amelia.

Mental Health First Aid (Training)

While our trainers have both professional and personal experience of Mental Health, another key element of our services is the flexibility we provide. We can develop bespoke courses and programs based upon your specific requirements.

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Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace

Wellbeing 360 seeks to provide businesses and organisations with an all-round 360 support within workplace mental health. We can do this within areas such as Recruitment, Retention, Presenteeism and Productivity.

Through L.I.F.E, we Lead, Inspire, Facilitate and Empower, employers to make informed decisions on how best to support the mental wellbeing of their employees. The benefits of our services can lead to reduced business costs and overall improved efficiency. From guidance and support to training and implementation, in-house wellbeing and one to one counselling.

Wellbeing 360 is here to provide a better understanding of mental health for both the individual and the company. We can train you in empowering others and guide you in the most effective way. We can help you start to implement the training and continue to support you and your employees into the future.

Find out more on what we do below:

Guidance & Support

Mental Health is not a “one size fits all” area. Every employee, workplace and industry is different, so identifying problematic areas, needs, requirements and specific outcomes, is essential.

After the Mental Health Training, what is next?

This question is one of the most important of the entire process if you wish for your planning and training to have maximum effectiveness.

Once the mental health training is delivered, there are ways we can work alongside each other to ensure you gain the maximum return on your investment. This allows for the training to not just be implemented, but enables your work culture to support the training and so ensures the overall wellbeing at your place of work is high amongst your employees.


Mental Health Training

The Mental Health Training ranges from our 3Selfs Workshop, promoting self-care and self-help, to the widely recognised  adult mental health first aid (MHFA) courses. Bespoke courses and programs can also be developed based upon your specific requirements should you want something tailor-made for your company or industry.

The implementation of any mental health training is key to ensuring maximum effectiveness. Once we have provided you with the training, we can work alongside you to assist with the smooth and efficient implementation should you want us to.

A 360 approach to Mental Health is vital in ensuring training has been money well spent and implementation effective for everyone at work. This is integral to the approach taken at Wellbeing 360 and how we seek to best support you.

In-House Wellbeing

In-House Wellbeing is an opportunity to access a range of services on a short term or long term basis. Working with Amelia’s expertise and skill set you can access any of the following:

1-2-1 counselling: This can be taken up on an individual basis either in-house or via zoom and available for the whole organisation on a retainer (short / long term) or as an agreed sign posting option to employees to self-refer.

Wellbeing Programs: including in-house yoga; wellbeing days/events; therapeutic treatments.

Group support: This can be facilitated for senior or middle management. Alternatively, if you have invested in Mental Health First Aiders you may like to work with Amelia to develop ongoing support for the First Aiders. This is to ensure their mental health is ok, and they are coping with their First Aider role alongside their day to day job role. On average it has been found that a Mental Health First Aider will spend between 2 – 3 hours of their work day in the role of First Aider. Supporting them is therefore vital in the overall management and implementation of your workplace wellbeing strategy.

It is very important to us at 360 that both employer and employee feel empowered addressing mental health and able to find answers you may have previously been struggling to find.

How you as a company may wish to offer this can be flexible. Through our discussions with you, we will be able to suggest and recommend a way forward. However first we will aim to better understand what exactly you are looking to offer your employees to enhance the wellbeing in your workplace. It is something we can provide in-house or virtually to individuals, groups or those who have specifically received mental health training.

Workplace mental health facts Mental Health First Aid Oxford

Do any of the following sound familiar:

“I want to implement a Mental Wellbeing strategy, but where do I start, what specifically do I need to be aware of?”

“It would be great to reduce business costs, but does investing in Mental Health really save us money and is it not expensive to invest in initially?”

“We have just had people trained in the Mental Health First Aid course, but now what? How do we implement the training so it’s most effective?”

“I don’t want any training that is ‘off the shelf’, I am looking for something bespoke to our requirements and that is flexible to meet the needs of our industry”

“We have invested in a bunch of Mental Health training for our staff and nothing has changed, I feel like it’s been a waste of money”

“We want to plan a Wellbeing Day, but who do I get in, where am I meant to find them and the time to plan everything?”

We can help here at 360 Wellbeing

Or something along those lines? Then Drop Us A Line today! We can help you identify exactly what it is you need. We will then provide or source, the right services to meet your specific requirements. Remember that Mental Health is individual and as such, flexibility is essential in anything you do within Workplace Mental Health.

Business Model For Workplace Mental Health

Where are you now?

A recent study showed 60 per cent of employees would feel more motivated if their employer showed support for their wellbeing. How supported do your staff feel?

Did you know that poor mental health costs UK businesses up to £42bn per year? Through Absenteeism/Presenteeism, Recruitment, Attrition and Productivity, whether you are aware of it or not. Your business will be one of those impacted in some way.

The key is gaining a better understanding of mental health, how exactly it is impacting on your company. You can do this by identifying problem areas within the business and your industry, collating absenteeism, attrition and retention rates. You can then decide upon which specific aims and requirements you wish to achieve. This will ensure maximum effectiveness on the training you then choose to invest in with us, as well as the path best to take forward following any of our trainings.

Mental Health Services we offer

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Katy Frith

A really interesting and engaging session today, thank you so much for attending. It’s not often that such a session will provide a full action plan for an organisation and some really key areas to address, in order to address Mental Health within the workplace. Highly recommended any organisation having Nick come in and speak to your staff, your managers or your leaders! Thanks again, Nick!

Katy Frith
HR Manager, Havebury

Danny Morgan

I highly recommend Nick, the depth of his knowledge and the manner in which he openly talks about a subject that affects so many lives is nothing short of inspiring.

Danny Morgan
Tech IOSH, Health, Safety & Facilities Manager

Glen Clayton

It was a pleasure and an honour to have you in this morning to speak about PTSD Nick, I know the team took away some great insight and learning around this topic. Thank you

Glen Clayton
Aspire Oxford

Mental Health First Aid Attendee

This morning a colleague came to me and told me they’d considered taking their own life and were talked out of it by an emergency helpline. They’re still really struggling to cope and needed to tell someone. If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I would have had the skills to handle that well at all. I’d have done my best, but there was one key thing you said on the course that I repeated during the conversation and it made such a difference. It was simply to say to that person “that’s ok, that’s completely normal and you’re not alone in feeling that way.” It changed the entire conversation. I haven’t tried to ‘fix’ things or create solutions to their problems but my colleague really appreciated being able to tell someone and we’re keeping the lines of communication open. Their family don’t even know that they came close to taking their own life, but we’re talking things through and looking at support options together.

Thank you again for being so open and honest about your own experiences and providing me with the tools to help my colleagues talk about their challenges. It made all the difference.

Jamie Briggs

We were delighted that Nick agreed to give up his time to talk to club members after training on World Mental Health day. He gave a very honest, candid talk about his journey with depression and PTSD to 55 players and members alike which was greeted with great respect. It was extremely well planned and presented.
Banbury Rugby Club prides itself on being a forward thinking, open, family club and Nick certainly helped to support this ethos by giving a better understanding of mental health and the impact it can have on individuals and their families and friends. We wish him well on his journey and look forward to seeing him on the sidelines at the club.

Jamie Briggs
Senior Rugby Club Chairman, Banbury Rugby Club

Esther Wasser

Thanks very much for a wonderfully informative, very real and much needed talk about Mental Health. Our employees appreciate now much more the importance of Self care and overall the importance of Mental health as a topic. They were truly grateful for your honesty and openness throughout the talk and waiting to speak with them individually afterwards, was very generous.

Esther Wasser
Senior People Business Partner, McAfee