Guidance From A Wellbeing Professional

Are you looking to invest in Workplace Mental Health Training? Are you requiring guidance on how best to implement Mental Health Training or seeking advice on creating a Wellbeing strategy? Having a Mental Health Consultant or Wellbeing Professional is essential.

Your Mental Health Consultant will understand your business, the industry you work in and the kind of people you employ. If you have identified any problem areas and any specific requirements you will have, of which everyone will have specific requirements for their industry, business, employees and management.

Mental Health is not a “one size fits all” area, so our approach to guiding and supporting you is one of flexibility. We can provide the Courses and Workshops we have developed, or we can create something bespoke for you. Otherwise, you could invest time in resources and implementing procedures and training in areas that you didn’t need, or you might miss critical elements that are required. Therefore, this could risk the overall effectiveness and efficiency within the business and support for employees.

The issue with your Mental health strategy can only be identified through our gaining a better understanding of your business, the industry, the employees and management. Which is why we don’t sell our service to you, we identify your needs and recommend what we think would work best for you, which might not include some of our services, but your requirements and that of your employees are more important to us.

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Initial Consultation

At 360 Wellbeing, we would seek to gain a better understanding, of where you feel the organisation stands currently. Any pinch points or key areas of focus there may be and your specific requirements.

Once we have a better understanding of your business, the industry you are in and the other areas above and after we would explain how we could offer the best service to you, or whether we feel that you might be better served by one of our trusted associates.

We would also determine where things stand in relation to budgets; whether it is awaiting approval, specifically set aside for workplace mental health and staff wellbeing, or already in place ready for the work to begin.

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You can solely book an assessment, to provide external, impartial feedback on the work achieved to date or when we undertake a project for you. Should you pay for an assessment, only initially and then later request our services for a project or training, we will refund the original assessment cost.

It consists of our visiting your place of work, usually for half a day, to discuss any strategies or plans you have. We would then go over the work that had already been completed in your workplace, such as Mental Health training. This strategy would allow us to gain an in-depth understanding of what has been achieved overall to date.

Once we have collated all the necessary information, categorising the content into our P.I.P.R framework, we would compare it to our Business Model for workplace mental health. The Business Model framework has been specially developed by ourselves. The resulting report provides a snapshot of where there may be areas which can be enhanced and elements that can be introduced, as part of the strategy we created for you.

It is an impartial assessment of achievements to date, whether future plans need to be adjusted or wholly revisited if you want to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of any training provided. Gauged by its implementation and provides recommendations for steps to be taken moving forward.

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Research and Development

At this stage is where we will seek to understand your requirements and the data, such as long term sick days, absenteeism, presenteeism and retention. Together we would look to gain an idea on the recruitment costs per person, what policies and procedures are currently in place, and what specific expectations you may have.

This strategy will provide us with the ability to measure levels of success and achieving any pre-arranged prioritised goals. Once we have assessed all the relevant data, and you have collated any additional pieces that we highlighted at the Initial Consultation, we would identify the needs, priorities and expectations to create a plan moving forward.

We would undertake to identify these points, alongside your specified budget. On the next stage, we would look at the options, time frame and any bespoke training requirements. There may also be recommendations for additional consultants if this is appropriate to your needs. From here, our formal proposal would be provided, along with our terms and conditions.

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The Implementation

After the Mental Health Training, what is next?

This question is one of the most important of the entire process if you wish for the planning and training to have maximum effectiveness. We believe this is where 360 Wellbeing comes into its own and stands out from other organisations.

Once the Mental Health Training was delivered, other companies might move onto their next client. However, we are just getting started for you. We will work alongside you to ensure you gain the maximum return on your investment. We do this because it enables your employees to be engaged and provided with sufficient support. Therefore, based on the research and development phase, we can continue to work with you to implement your goals and needs previously identified, beyond the training room. So this would allow your company to bring that training alive into the workplace and culture of the company to enhance the wellbeing of everyone there.

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