Winter Blues Complimentary Consultations

November 14, 2019 7:23 am Published by
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We are now building up to the Festive season, a time of love, family, celebration and joy, although it also brings with it increased levels of Stress and Anxiety, brought on by high expectations on ourselves and of others, finances and of course Christmas shopping! They are the more “typical” stressors that the majority of society have accepted as a “given” at this time of year, however, unfortunately there is a much darker side to the Festive period that many might not realise.

It can also act as a reminder of upsetting, even traumatic, moments in our past, the realisation of how alone we might be, how happy and “perfect” others “appear to be” on social media and those who struggle with Winter Blues or in worst cases, SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. These elements can be of varying intensity and can lead to Depression, an increase of symptoms for those already diagnosed with a Mental Illness and tragically, when there’s no Self-Help or Interventions, there is usually an increase in Suicide numbers.

Therefore, in addition to our Vlogs, Podcasts and Articles, covering this issue and providing tips, suggestions of coping strategies and Self-Care and Self-Help ideas. We are also offering Businesses, Employers and HR Managers Complimentary Festive Consultations, starting from 01st December through to 31st January 2020. We will be on hand to provide Mental Health guidance and suggestions, which will be specifically for your business and industry, directly assisting you on any suspected issues there may be or already have.

To book your time slot, CLICK HERE or CONTACT US for more information and to ask any specific questions you might have. Remember that Mental Health is individual and so these “one size fits all” suggested options and courses, will absolutely not be as effective as something which is flexible and specific to your requirements, in some cases it could be counter productive.