Webinars That Relieve Festive Stress and New Year Blues

December 10, 2019 6:55 pm Published by
Christmas 360 Wellbeing Mental Health First Aid Oxford

Two Webinars that will be FREE and open for all to attend, have been announced and will be going live on the following dates, times below and accessed via the REGISTER NOW links relevant to each Webinar. The Festive season is for most, a wonderful occasion, spending time with loved ones, giving and sharing of gifts, combined with festivities celebrating the time of year and what it signifies. Though it also brings expectations, competing against perceptions of others, stress, low moods, financial concerns and reflection on the year and what could of or should have been!

Then we have the New Year, again, many people celebrate this time through partying, seeing friends and those you missed at Christmas or simply cuddling up with loved ones, waiting for the fireworks to go off around the world. What follows are the concerns of what might be in the year ahead, paying for the gifts and partying, the dread of going back to work and the pressure around making promises to change and becoming a ‘New you’, someone slimmer, healthier, who quits doing everything perceived as bad, to be the ‘ideal human’ whose standards are set by social media and the like. What about the person inside, the one you will need to live with!?

  • Festive Stress and Winter BluesWednesday 18th December from 1200hrs to 1300hrs.   REGISTER NOW

Christmas time is one for festivities, family, celebration and joy, well for most. Unfortunately Festive Stress can impact our overall Wellbeing, leading to low moods, agitation, isolation and feeling lethargic. With no interventions such as, Self-Care or Self-Help, this can lead to Depression.

We will talk through basic Mental Health and the stressors likely to impact at this time of year, provide knowledge required to notice whether someone is struggling and discuss various Self-Care and Self-Help tools, techniques and coping strategies.


  • New Year New You, Why? – Sunday 05th January from 1500hrs to 1600hrs.   REGISTER NOW

So much pressure is put upon us to be a certain person, eat well, live well, be well, change your ways, be that idyllic human as per the magazines and on social media, have that perfect family! Really!? Whilst obviously being fit, healthy and happy, is a great goal to strive for in life, we all have our own perceptions of what that looks like, although many haven’t identified with this as yet.

Learn to identify with how exactly you want to be, who you want to be and what success looks like to you, then how to take the steps required to achieve these things, without piling on so much pressure and stress.


Your Hosts


You will be hosted by qualified Counsellor, Reiki, Reflexology and Yoga Teacher, and Co-Founder of 360Wellbeing CIC – Amelia Thorpe. You shall ALSO be lucky enough to have the company of: Mental Health Speaker, Army Veteran, Author and Co-Founder of 360Wellbeing – Nick Wilson. Both are highly respected within their field and very experienced, professionally and personally. They have lived experiences of managing mental illness, combined with physical disabilities and also, for many more importantly, as a Partner of someone who struggles with a mental illness and the impact this has on everyone.

You are invited to join the fun, easy going, straight talking and knowledgeable couple, as an individual, as an employer, as a manager or as a business, everyone is welcome and you can simply listen in to enjoy the conversation or get involved, ask a question, voice your opinion and say what is on your mind. ALL we ask is that you are respectful of everyone and accept that this is not a counselling session, it is not any form of therapy, simply discussing the problems associated with Mental Health connected to the topics mentioned and suggestions on what you could do as an individual for Self-Care and Self-Help.