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September 10, 2019 12:25 am Published by
Time to listen Mental Health First Aid Oxford

#Time To Listen – What’s It All About?

In 2018 between 10th September World Suicide Prevention Day and 10th October World Mental Health Awareness Day, a Mental Health campaign called #Realmentalk was run. This saw one short video being released via social media every day of the four weeks, over the importance of men speaking about their emotions and mental wellbeing, rather than seeing it as weak, ignoring mental health and hiding how they are truly feeling, seeing it as pink and fluffy. This year, a similar campaign is being run between the same dates and this time it is called #Timetolisten.

On Monday 02nd September at 0730hrs in the Victory Services Club, London, five male Veterans got together for a fireside chat (albeit a YouTube fire on the TV) discussing everything Mental Health. It was an opportunity for them all to talk about the topic in general, their own experiences of poor mental health and mental illness, how they have managed to overcome the variety of challenges faced and what, not just Men but Women too, should do as a first step, then how to manage things from there?  It was planned to be an informal session, with no set structure, though it was facilitated by Nick Wilson, co-founder of 360Wellbeing Mental Health Ambassador, Inspirational Speaker and Campaigner whose idea this was.


For Men to speak out more openly about their mental wellbeing and mental illness, for this to not be seen as being “weak” and to actually encourage it amongst their work colleagues, within their teams, social circles and family, without the fear of facing Stigma, Prejudice and Discrimination.


To raise awareness of the high suicide rates associated with men specifically, reduce the levels of stigma, prejudice and discrimination, reach 500,000 people through social media and demonstrate how it takes a stronger male to be honest, open and talk about any problems they might be experiencing, rather than seeing it as weak to do so, forwarding the message;

“It takes a stronger man to talk about his mental health, then simply ignoring it”

Even after editing, there ended up being over two and a half hours of footage, which has been split into twenty six bitesie chunks, which will be released both on this website through the TimeToListen page and via the 360 Wellbeing YouTube Channel between now and 10th October, World Mental Health Day. You are cordially invited to visit and Follow the YouTube Channel to keep updated with when they are released and future valuable clips on Mental Health.