Simplifying Mental Health

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Mental Health is a much wider, diverse subject than many actually realise and whilst it can be very confusing at the more in depth scientific end, that which the majority of us need to understand, is relatively straight forward and only made more complicated by……!

We ALL have Mental Health the same as we have Physical Health, it is important that we take care with our use of terminology connected to this subject and understand the impact that incorrect use may have to an individual. Mental Wellbeing is how we look after our minds, and that which impacts our minds, on a daily basis. Someone has a Mental Illness on receiving a clinical diagnosis of: Stress, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Psychosis(or versions of).

To better understand Mental Health as a subject and that of an individual, you really should have an understanding of your own mental health, how you manage your own stress levels or what is known as ‘Stressors’, identifying who you are and why you have the thoughts, values and belief systems that you do? This isn’t about being all ‘Pink and Fluffy’ or having to believe in anything ‘Intangible’, it is about knowing yourself, your limits, your strengths and weaknesses, you will only be truly successful and achieve those goals you set, by knowing this.

By not understanding ourselves, our stressors and Mental Health in general, those of us who are unfortunate enough to at some point in our lives, suffer from poor Mental Health, can easily find themselves being later diagnosed with a Mental Illness, such as Stress, Depression or an Anxiety Disorder, through not better managing their lives and wellbeing. It must not be forgotten that ANY of us can be struck by a Mental Illness, should we not accept responsibility of our own Wellbeing thinking of: Self-awareness, Self-care and Self-help and take ownership of the fact that by ignoring this, you are taking a risk on your life and that of those around you,

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