Private 1-2-1 Counselling

Counselling with Amelia offers you a safe space to talk and discuss what may be troubling you or causing you distress. It offers you a chance to be listened to non-judgmentally and get things off your chest. Amelia’s style of counselling is integrative. Integrative therapists take the view that there is no single approach that can treat each person in all situations. Amelia is holistic in her style and offers various tools and techniques where appropriate to facilitate a healing therapeutic process.

The sessions can be done via video call / zoom as well as in person or over the phone. This is a self-referral option and you can contact Amelia via the Contact Page to arrange booking.

Each session is an hour and costs £45

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Mental Health Training

It is possible to develop bespoke courses and programs based upon your specific requirements. However, the following courses are available to book “off the shelf”:

Adult 2 day MHFA:

This is the two day adult first aid course in mental health as created and overseen by MHFA England. Amelia has been an instructor with MHFA England since 2018 and has delivered this in house for a variety of businesses as well as for public open courses. Some of the businesses she has trained include; McAfee, Howdens Joinery, and Woodhead Group.

Mental Health Awareness training:

This can be done either as a bespoke course for you to cater to your specific requirements and industry, or delivered with the MHFA England’s half day awareness course.

Mental Health First Aid Refresher:

It is advisable that within one to two years of the adult two day mental health first aid course, a refresher be taken to keep the first aiders up to date and for professional good practice. This course is also an MHFA England course that Amelia can deliver to your employees who have already trained as first aiders. The course is a four hour refresher.

The 3Selfs Workshop:

This is a half day training and guides employees to better understand mental health for themselves and how to manage their own mental health. With the power of unique technology designed especially for Wellbeing 360, a self-management tool is also provided with this training enabling participants to confidently manage their mental health, and offer support to colleagues who may be struggling. This technology is called a widget and can be provided as a wristband, key ring or lanyard. The widget is then scanned via a mobile phone and enables the individual to access support, sign posting and information through short animations, videos and text. The 3Selfs is based around; self-awareness, self-care and self-help. Each “self” is used to understand mental health in general as well as empower your own mental health and how to promote positive mental health in your daily lives. This in turn helps encourage a workplace culture to offer a supportive and understanding environment where employees feel safe and valued.

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In House Counselling

This is offered through 360 Wellbeing as an in-house opportunity for employees to get the support they might need to cope with issues such as stress, anxiety or depression. No diagnosis is required to receive counselling. It is simply an option to provide support to individuals in the workplace to better manage and cope with their everyday. This can be offered in-house or remotely via video call. We would agree between us how you best wish to support your staff and how to offer the counselling to them.

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