Gaining a better understanding of Mental Health and receiving relevant training on the subject, you can argue, is of greater importance to Sole Traders, Micro businesses and SME’s than the larger organisations and whilst many business owners recognise that implementing a Mental Health strategy is the right thing to do, they feel it can be expensive and timely.

This Workshop has been developed by the founders of 360Wellbeing, who have both set up and ran multiple successful businesses. They relate to the stress, difficulties and challenges faced, as they have been through similar times and continue to do so. Therefore, this Workshop combines this experience and knowledge of how to tackle workplace Mental Health issues, to produce a bespoke Workshop that will empower you to manage daily challenges, so problems aren’t as overwhelming or potentially damaging to your business.


  • Gain a better understanding of Mental Health, recognise signs and symptoms, how and where to signpost safely.

  • How to identify what changes need to be made, what can be implemented within your workplace or life and the cost-effective options that are available to you and your business.

  • Understand the importance of promoting: Education, Self-Awareness and Self-Care, further developing yourself, identifying your stressors, learn how to manage any symptoms you may have.

What Are The Benefits?

Ultimately this workshop will provide you with the knowledge needed, to make informed decisions on what action to take and changes to make, which will reduce the impact that poor Mental Health has on your business, your employees and more importantly yourself.

We will empower you to better manage any symptoms and your own minds health, through using the 3Self Strategy and having the use of our unique “Self-Care Wheel” key fob, which in turn will inspire those around you to do the same and have a positive impact on your companies productivity.

Who Should Attend?

Sole Traders, Micro Businesses and those with an interest or passion for Mental Health. It would suit SME’s, those within Leadership, HR roles and members of management, who wish to have a better understanding of the topic, to assist in reducing costs and supporting employees.

This is also a great first step for any organisation looking to plan a Mental Wellbeing strategy and prior to investing in any other training.