This one-day course provides a better understanding of Mental Health combined with the necessary skills to recognise possible signs and symptoms in themselves or others, the confidence to initiate a conversation at the appropriate time, empowered to provide the right information to someone in need and hold the relevant skills to be an effective listener, liaising with your qualified Mental Health First Aider where necessary.

On completion of the course, the attendee will be provided with our unique “Self-Care Wristband”, which has augmented technology within it. By simply scanning it with your phone, the wearer or individual they are supporting, has access to a host of videos, guidance and self-help coping strategies. It also raises awareness of Mental Health within your organisation, encourages employee engagement at a low nonintrusive level. Lastly it signifies that the individual wearing it, has received Mental Health training and is open to being approached for support or simply as someone to talk to.


  • Gain a better understanding of Mental Health, recognise signs and symptoms, how and where to signpost safely.

  • Enhance your ability to Listen non-judgementally, build rapport and communicate effectively.

  • How self-awareness, self-care and self-help work together to empower and enable us, to better manage our own wellbeing further developing ourselves, identifying stressors and learning how to manage any symptoms.

What Are The Benefits?

Ultimately the Ambassador will act as your first line of defence, reducing pressure from your Mental Health First Aiders, whilst providing individuals with a choice of who they can speak to about every day issues, with an option for the Ambassador to call on a Mental Health First Aider should it become a bigger problem.

Those attending will gain the knowledge required to better understand those struggling with their Mental Health and relevant skills to initiate or hold a conversation with an individual who is displaying symptoms or approaches with an issue. They will also learn about our 3Self Strategy and have the use of our unique “Self-Care Wristband”, which will empower them to manage their own Mental Health and inspire those around them to do the same.

Who Should Attend?

Those with an interest or passion for Mental Health, who are looking for personal development or have volunteered to become an Ambassador, those within Leadership, HR roles and members of the SMT, who wish to have a better understanding of the topic without the responsibility of becoming a MHFA First Aider.