Workplace Mental Health Business Model

We developed our business model for Workplace Mental Health as a guide for what is ideally “best practice” and whilst this is not always possible, that is why P.I.P.R becomes such an essential element of the model, combining theory with reality, and pulling everything together.

It must be remembered that Mental Health is individual, there is no ‘one cap fits all’ solution to training people in the subject of Mental Health, as such all of the courses and workshops developed by us have been done so with flexibility in mind.

Therefore we have only listed a handful of courses below, most of which can be adapted to a point. Should any of our current options not meet your specific needs, please do Contact Us, listing what your specific requirements are and we can then arrange a call or meeting to discuss this further with you, with an aim of providing something more bespoke.

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Stress and Resilience

Everyday we all face a wide variety of stressors. When left to build up inside of us, these stressors can lead to negative behaviours and outcomes of varying seriousness. This is also linked to someone’s resilience and how resilient they are; whether they have a smaller or larger Stress Container. A person having a larger Stress Container can better manage difficult life events as it doesn’t fill up as quickly, compared to someone who has a smaller container, therefore being less resilient and so has a greater vulnerability to stress and poor mental health.

There is a paper exercise that you can do relating to the Stress Container, which is very self reflective and helps you to not only identify your own Stressors, but also what healthy coping strategies that work for you specifically. Download your Stress-Container-Exercise to print out and work through.

Mental Health Courses and Workshops

Prior to investing in any Mental Health training, we cannot recommend enough that you consider the following:

  • Have a clear and concise plan of what you need.
  • Consider what you wish to achieve.
  • Identify what budget you have.
  • Consider how you are going to implement the training once it has been delivered. It is a recurring theme currently, where businesses have invested in mental health training and have as yet to answer the question, which we put to everyone, “What next?”

A key element of our services is the flexibility we provide and an ability to design workshops, courses and programs based upon your specific requirements. However, we have put together the below workshops which we believe to be relevant and great examples of what we do:

SME Mental Health Awareness Workshop

Through providing you with a better understanding of Mental Health, the impact it has on a business, the different illnesses, signs and symptoms, you will have the ability to prevent poor Mental Health from having such an impact on your business, your employees or more importantly to yourself.

You will also learn how to be more self-aware of your own Mental Health, identify tools, techniques and coping strategies, so you have the confidence to better manage any symptoms.

COST – £47+vat
per person
Business plan Mental Health First Aid Oxford
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Mental Health First Aid Oxford starts with us quote

MHFA Champion - Half Day

This provides a better understanding of Mental Health combined with the necessary skills to recognise possible signs and symptoms in themselves or others, the confidence to initiate a conversation at the appropriate time, empowered to provide the right information to someone in need and hold relevant skills to be an effective listener, liaising with a qualified Mental Health First Aider where necessary.

COST – £447+vat
for up to 16 people
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Mind Health Ambassador

This one-day course provides a better understanding of Mental Health combined with the necessary skills to recognise possible signs and symptoms in themselves or others, the confidence to initiate a conversation at the appropriate time, empowered to provide the right information to someone in need and hold the relevant skills to be an effective listener, liaising with your qualified Mental Health First Aider where necessary.

A large part of the workshop is based around Active listening, Rapport building, Communicating effectively and Perceptions, all of which are essential when initiating conversations and interacting with individuals demonstrating some symptoms of mental ill health.

COST – £847+vat
for up to 16 people
Group work Mental Health First Aid Oxford
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Mental Health First Aid MHFA - Adult Two Day

Our Adult MHFA Two Day courses are backed by MHFA England and qualifies you as a Mental Health First Aider. Mental Health First Aiders gain;

  • An in depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing
  • Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues
  • Confidence to step in, reassure and support a person in distress
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills such as non-judgemental listening
  • Knowledge to help someone recover their health by guiding them to further support – whether that’s self-help resources, through their employer, the NHS, or a mix

The course content combined with the various facilitated discussions can be somewhat challenging to some at times, so please bare this in mind and should you have any concerns during your course, the Trainer is well placed to provide any necessary support that might be required.

COST FROM – £1,947+vat
for up to 16 people


Never underestimate the power that a professional, well laid out presentation, consisting of the relevant information, presented by an experienced and charismatic presenter, can have on anyone. It can really be the difference between gaining the buy-in of senior management and/or employees, both of which are of equal importance. Without the management signing off on a Workplace Mental Health program, it will fizzle out very quickly. Equally, if the management back the project and yet the employees do not get involved themselves, then it will result in a failure to gain a return on investment. It really does take for everyone to get involved, for any Mental Health actions to be of any real effect.

Considerations For Workplace Mind Wellness

Aimed at business owners, CEO’s, Managers and HR Managers/Staff, where we concentrate on the facts and figures associated with workplace mental health, looking at the projected cost per employee, statistics associated to business costs relating directly to poor mental health and how savings can be made with a minimal investment in employee wellbeing.

COST FROM – £147+vat
Office Mental Health Oxford

Client Specific Presentations

Is there a bespoke and specific topic or subject that you would like to be created and presented on your behalf? Simply provide us with the subject matter, what the main aim of the presentation is and any key points that you would like to be delivered and we will do the rest.

COST FROM – £147+vat
Presentation Mental Health First Aid Oxford


Katy Frith

A really interesting and engaging session today, thank you so much for attending. It’s not often that such a session will provide a full action plan for an organisation and some really key areas to address, in order to address Mental Health within the workplace. Highly recommended any organisation having Nick come in and speak to your staff, your managers or your leaders! Thanks again, Nick!

Katy Frith
HR Manager, Havebury

Danny Morgan

I highly recommend Nick, the depth of his knowledge and the manner in which he openly talks about a subject that affects so many lives is nothing short of inspiring.

Danny Morgan
Tech IOSH, Health, Safety & Facilities Manager

Glen Clayton

It was a pleasure and an honour to have you in this morning to speak about PTSD Nick, I know the team took away some great insight and learning around this topic. Thank you

Glen Clayton
Aspire Oxford

Mental Health First Aid Attendee

This morning a colleague came to me and told me they’d considered taking their own life and were talked out of it by an emergency helpline. They’re still really struggling to cope and needed to tell someone. If it weren’t for you, I don’t think I would have had the skills to handle that well at all. I’d have done my best, but there was one key thing you said on the course that I repeated during the conversation and it made such a difference. It was simply to say to that person “that’s ok, that’s completely normal and you’re not alone in feeling that way.” It changed the entire conversation. I haven’t tried to ‘fix’ things or create solutions to their problems but my colleague really appreciated being able to tell someone and we’re keeping the lines of communication open. Their family don’t even know that they came close to taking their own life, but we’re talking things through and looking at support options together.

Thank you again for being so open and honest about your own experiences and providing me with the tools to help my colleagues talk about their challenges. It made all the difference.

Jamie Briggs

We were delighted that Nick agreed to give up his time to talk to club members after training on World Mental Health day. He gave a very honest, candid talk about his journey with depression and PTSD to 55 players and members alike which was greeted with great respect. It was extremely well planned and presented.
Banbury Rugby Club prides itself on being a forward thinking, open, family club and Nick certainly helped to support this ethos by giving a better understanding of mental health and the impact it can have on individuals and their families and friends. We wish him well on his journey and look forward to seeing him on the sidelines at the club.

Jamie Briggs
Senior Rugby Club Chairman, Banbury Rugby Club

Esther Wasser

Thanks very much for a wonderfully informative, very real and much needed talk about Mental Health. Our employees appreciate now much more the importance of Self care and overall the importance of Mental health as a topic. They were truly grateful for your honesty and openness throughout the talk and waiting to speak with them individually afterwards, was very generous.

Esther Wasser
Senior People Business Partner, McAfee