English Veteran Awards Partnership

June 29, 2019 7:04 am Published by Leave your thoughts
360Wellbeing sponsors English Veterans Awards

360Wellbeing formally announced over the weekend, that they had come to an agreement with First Step Forward, which would see them collaborating to jointly sponsor the English Veteran Awards.

In Association with The ABF Soldiers’ Charity and following on from the highly successful Welsh Veteran Awards, it is time to recognise the English Veterans in Business, Fitness, Sport and the wider Community. In England, there are a huge number of Armed Forces Veterans who have successfully made that transition from the Military, back into society and a civilian way of life. Some of these veterans though, have gone above and beyond, excelling in a variety of fields and who will act as role models for future service leavers.

As such, the awards provide an opportunity for them to highlight their achievements and success, with a number of different Categories from: Role Model of the Year to Contribution to the fitness Industry. This year’s awards will be held on 25th September 2019 at the Mercure Holland House, Bristol and will be hosted by Capital Fms DJ the Amazing Polly James.

“ I am so pleased to Welcome 360Wellbeing and First Step Forward as sponsors at this years English Veterans Award, they are doing some fantastic things within our veteran community and long may it continue!  As a Former Welsh Guardsman, Junior Non Commissioned Officer and Physical Training Instructor. The aim of these awards is to promote veterans that are doing great things on Civvy Street. We want to promote all short listed applicants through a series of Video Blogs, Social media releases and our website, so that they will act as Role models for future service leavers.”

“These awards are extremely close to my heart. As a former serving soldier I can understand how difficult transition is and how we require help and guidance along the way, even at times if we don’t ask for support. I want our Veterans Awards and social media presence to become a place where serving military and veterans can discover some great advice and tips from veterans, who are doing truly inspirational things upon leaving the military. I hope we can inspire future service leavers that great things can be achieved with help and support, Positivity breeds Positivity” – Sean Molino, Founder of the Welsh Veterans Awards.

With it being a Veterans awards event, First Step Forward was originally going to be the sponsor, but they couldn’t get past the thought of spending money on sponsorship, rather than covering the costs of training, which directly benefits Veterans and their Partners. So 360Wellbeing stepped in and committed to covering the sponsorship costs on their behalf.

 “I know how hard it is to transition from the Military and get anywhere in society, let alone business or to succeed within your chosen area. I wanted to demonstrate my genuine pride and offer recognition, to those who have made the most of life’s opportunities and not wasted them. It is important that society recognises every Veteran is a winner in their own right, though not all will be rewarded, so I hope the evening’s winners will accept their awards on behalf of all our brothers and sisters” – Nick Wilson, Co-Founder 360Wellbeing, Mind Health Ambassador and Inspirational Speaker.

First Step Forward is a not for profit Social Enterprise, that provides Mental Health guidance, training and signposting to military personnel, veterans and the partners of service personnel, who are impacted by poor mental health and/or illness. The aim of First Step Forward is to inspire and empower individuals to better manage their symptoms and own lives, whilst awaiting the support of professional services.

Through providing training, guidance and assistance to Veterans and the Partners of Service personnel, we can Inspire, Empower and Engage those impacted by poor Mental Health/Illnesses by enabling them to participate in Motorsport, Holistic activities and Mental Health Workshops. Individuals can learn more about Mental Health, identifying stressors within themselves and what healthy Coping Strategies work for them. By then introducing them to the “3Self’s” – Self-Awareness, Self-Care and Self-Help, it will enable individuals to better manage their symptoms, preventing someone reaching the stage where it is felt there are no options left, there is no way out and no other choice than Suicide, whilst empowering individuals to manage their own lives.

You can nominate your Veteran: Client, Colleague, Partner or Self via the website – English Veterans Awards make a difference to someone’s life, everyone likes to be recognised for their hard work!