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Gain a better understanding of Mental Health, to reduce business costs, support employees and learn about Self-Care.


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Whether you are a Sole Trader, Micro business, SME or Global company, implementing the right Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy for you, your employees and the business, is a proven sound business decision. Our Workplace Mental Health Business Model video opposite, provides you with a quick overview and idea of where to start and what to aim for.

360Wellbeing empowers employers to make informed decisions on how best to support the Mental Wellbeing of their employees. It does not have to be expensive, there are simple steps you can take to start making a positive change, but invest blindly in Training or Services that aren’t right for you and it will prove ineffective.

We recommend you Consult with an experienced Mental Health professional, as no two companies will require the same thing. Collate all the data you can regarding Absences, Recruitment costs, Retention and Attrition rates, known MH issues etc. Create your plan, identify what is specifically required for your company and what training would be best for you. Lastly Carry Out your plan, implement and integrate the training provided, ensure you monitor the impact it has on employees, you might need to amend the plan.

We want to do the right thing by you and your employees, we want to help you reduce business costs, we simply want to help, so claim your complimentary consultation now.

Business Model for Workplace Mental Health

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